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A global mobile marketplace specialising in cross-border e-commerce. A beautiful and simple application that helps customers from 100+ countries to save money by buying things directly from manufacturers in Asia and Europe.

  • More than 350 million users worldwide
  • More than 100 countries covered
  • We speak and work in 21 languages

Joom Logistics

Tech-driven logistics company that delivers orders from Asia and Europe all over the world. Helps online marketplaces and D2C brands to go global with the most reliable, cost-effective and comprehensive logistics infrastructure.

  • Logistics centers in China, Korea, Turkey, and Europe
  • Convenient IT solutions for all order/delivery cycles
  • Integration with the world's leading logistics services


A mobile application for instant P2P transfers in Europe. The most convenient way to pay and receive money within the European Union: fast, reliable, secure, and free of charge.

  • Users in 29 European countries
  • We open European IBAN accounts
  • We issue a free virtual Visa card


B2B marketplace for ordering wholesale shipments from China to other countries. Checks suppliers and the quality of their goods, delivers turnkey orders to the customer’s warehouse.

  • We search products and suppliers at your request
  • We check the quality at our warehouses in China
  • We do customs clearance and certification


A pharmaceutical marketplace that helps save time and money when sourcing and buying medicines and medical supplies. Available to buyers in Germany.

  • Non-prescription drugs
  • More than 100 thousand medicines and dietary supplements
  • Savings up to 80%

I love to discover new film directors and binge-watch their films, even their earliest works. Edgar Wright and Spaced is one I particularly love! ❤️ Artur

After moving from Israel at the age of 8, he wrote to the Russian Disney Channel asking for all the series to be shown in the original with subtitles. Now he is an expert in 'series studies' with subscriptions to every app except Disney+ 🧚‍♀️ Dan

I make black coffee in eight different ways, I play chess with Canadian grandmasters, and I have released a minimal techno album. One of these statements is not true 🌚Kolya

I love smoked string cheese. I solve Sudoku puzzles before going to bed. I am posting this comment from the Russian city of Yessentuki 🌸Sasha

I’ve won prizes for stand-up comedy and kickboxing. At school, I loved Geography and the Russian language teacher very much. I like Ukrainian music and Hong Kong 🇭🇰 Dima

Delicious food is my inspiration. I'm a huge fan of Bosch, and I like creating new things. I am used to living at –45°C and discussing impressive medical symptoms while eating – my parents are doctors 👩‍⚕️ Yana

Hi! I'm a recruiter at Joom Group. Come visit us, I’ll show you around 👋Max

Hi! 👋Lyuba

Hi! I'm developing Joompay. How are you doing? Join us! 👋 Sasha

I know the Russian dub of Shrek almost by heart. I’ve read Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality 4 times and I recommend it! I really love Dungeons & Dragons 🧙‍♂️ Sasha

I hate wind and rain! I’m a sun-addict, so I moved to Riga. I've been learning French all my life. I ride all kinds of boards on water, snow, and asphalt 💫Kamilla

I will tell you over a glass of wine what urban surfing, drawing, and product development have in common, and how to fit them all in! 🌊Anna

Here at Joom Group, we believe that there are no boundaries between countries and no limits of the possible.

I love airplanes and hate flying in them. I sing in the office when no one is listening. I’m motivated to do things that simplify people's lives 🐥Nadia

During the day I write code and interview developers, and in the evening, I walk my four parrots, two of whom are named after anime characters 🦜 Tigran

I buy video games in the sales and then don’t play them, and I quote Captain Jack Sparrow 🏴‍☠️Eugenia

I need sun, pretty flowers, smiles, cuddles, and pink ponies all around. Ideally… 🦄 Anyuta


Ilya Shirokov Co-Founder & Chairman
Ilya Rubin Co-Founder & CTO
Jurijs Ivanovs Сo-Founder & CMO

Our Team

  • 400+ employees
  • 10 countries
  • 6 offices
Kamilla in Riga
Andrey in California
Anna in Moscow
Ruofei in Shenzhen
Steffen in Berlin
Sasha in St. Petersburg
Vitalik in Hong Kong
Lyuba in Moscow
Timur in St. Petersburg

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You will join a team of specialists who have gained valuable experience in the world’s best IT companies and now are helping us achieve outstanding results.

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We offer a job on the global market that allows you to implement your most ambitious ideas and measure up against the world's leading Internet companies.

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At Joom Group, you can focus on thrilling work with no distractions from paperwork, confusing hierarchy, or office politics. We appreciate your time and respect it.

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High salaries and stock options

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Health insurance, lunches, and even a mortgage support

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