Launch of JoomPro B2B marketplace for ordering wholesale shipments from China

Joom, a global mobile marketplace, has announced the launch of a new product for business. JoomPro marketplace is designed for ordering wholesale shipments from China worldwide. It works on a turnkey basis: the service is responsible for the entire scope of operations from registration of the order to its delivery.

JoomPro works directly with Chinese suppliers. The assortment on the B2B marketplace includes more than 100 000 unique products from dozens of sellers in categories including electronics, clothing, home goods and more. In addition to purchases from the catalog, customers can leave requests with individual inquiries. In this case, JoomPro will find and recommend the most suitable supplier.

The process of ordering a wholesale shipment on JoomPro is arranged on a turnkey basis: you simply select the required goods, then specify the characteristics, volume and address of the warehouse (or any other suitable premises) for delivery. The marketplace takes care of all intermediate processes: placing the order with the supplier, quality control and storage in a warehouse in China, logistics for delivery to the recipient via the channels of Joom Logistics (Joom’s own logistics company, registered in Hong Kong), customs clearance, certification and declaration (if necessary), preparation of paperwork for banking and currency control, and “last mile” delivery.

According to JoomPro representatives, ordering wholesale shipments from China is especially interesting and convenient for sellers working with marketplaces. Working with JoomPro allows them to get their orders cheaper than from local distributors. Sellers who prefer to work directly with China will get a more reliable and user-friendly delivery channel compared with Chinese B2B marketplaces. JoomPro guarantees the quality of the goods and saves the customer from negotiations with foreign suppliers.

The Joom Group believes the launch of a B2B marketplace is the logical result of their accumulated competences in cross-border commerce. In the near future, the company’s development plans include expanding the features for suppliers and increasing the volume of goods available to order. By the end of 2021, the marketplace will expand the product range offered to comprise several million unique items. The plan is to achieve this target primarily by engaging direct manufacturers (factories) as well as first-line distributors. Like the original Joom marketplace, JoomPro will operate on the international market. 

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