Everyone has merch. At Joom, you can choose it

How did it all begin?

Any company releases merchandise for its employees, but that doesn’t mean they like it. At Joom, we solved the problem of subjectivity and made it possible for everyone to choose their own merch.

HR Director Zhenya Panova talks about our approach to creating clothes and accessories with Joom symbols.

We started thinking about our own merch in March 2019. Many employees wore sweatshirts from their former companies — and, frankly speaking, we were a little hacked off about it. They said that as soon as their own Joom sweatshirt appeared, they would stop wearing the old ones (now they have stopped!).

Why do we get our merch from a designer? We didn’t want to sew and print simple identical things: at HR Love & Care we believe that if you do something, then do it very well. And Joom is very varied. We have employees who dress very stylishly, and also those who don’t care about any fashion trends. Someone wears sweatshirts with a hood, someone without, someone loves modern clothes, someone prefers classics.

I wanted every member of the team to be reflected in the merch concept. So, the idea to create several styles, colors and print options was born. At the same time, we deliberately did not use our usual logo, because we wanted to make the branding unobtrusive.

Hoodies, Merch v1

We got four types of outerwear with five color options and three or four types of prints —
on the sleeve, chest, neck or hood (if any).

  • Shortened hoodie.

  • Oversized hoodie.

  • Standard hoodie.

  • Sweatshirt.

How does one choose from these 75 options? We came up with an internal service for this task (by the way, we did the same with food for employees).

On this site, you can imagine how the merchandise looks in reality and figure out which color, print and model suits you best.

Once the choice has been made, production begins. We send orders for sewing in small batches, so new employees have to wait a bit before they receive their merch. But it will be exactly what they want.

This is what the merch packaging looks like. Two bottles are a conditioner and a stain remover that are specially designed for the fabric from which we sew clothes.

And here is what the clothes look like in real life.


Backpacks, Merch v2

We have been working with a branded clothing maker for a year now. And now they’ve come up with the idea of creating a new batch of merch. But in order not to repeat ourselves (our employees leave very rarely, and it makes no sense to present the same merch every year), we decided to create backpacks. Or not backpacks. Once again, whatever you like.

This time, employees choose between a large backpack, city backpack and waist bag. Everything is sewn from waterproof fabric with rubberized zippers to protect equipment — this was the main condition when choosing. Sasha Shipunova, who was involved in this project, took into account all the wishes of her colleagues for bags and backpacks and tested the first sewn examples of the new merch.

Here’s what she said:

1. The large backpack has an external 16" laptop pocket, a secret pocket for documents and side pockets for a bottle of water (or wine, 0.75 L fits into a pocket perfectly). The backpack has been tested by traveling to the resorts of the Krasnodar Krai.

2. The mid-size backpack has a classic urban design and features an inner 13" laptop pocket made of soft fabric and has a secret pocket on the back. The backpack’s durability has been tested in a cycling accident (everybody remained intact).

3. The waist bag is ideal for going out with a light load. Hand sanitizer, documents and a 0.5-liter bottle can fit into it altogether. The bag was also tested on a bicycle — an anonymous tester traveled 65 km with it in a day and was satisfied.

All models are made of waterproof fabric with rubberized zippers — so a shower of rain will not damage your equipment. Available in three colors and two logo options.


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