Joom encourages sellers to participate in its global sales

Joom is a global marketplace that helps merchants sell their products globally. In 2021, Joom celebrates its 5th anniversary with a great birthday sale and invites everyone to jump in and join the next regular sale to reach new audiences worldwide.


Joom’s business: born in Europe, raised worldwide


Joom is a global mobile marketplace launched in 2016 in Latvia. It has 400+ million downloads worldwide, speaks 21 languages, is available in almost 200 countries and offers around 10 million unique products from Europe and Asia. With 95% of its transactions made on mobile, Joom allows

sellers to reach a completely new audience. 

Joom aims to become the #1 choice for value shopping - and go-to place for special items. We are not only providing our customers with relevant and quality products at attractive prices, but assure their privacy and make their experience fun, easy and flawless at any point. Reliability and accessibility are also guiding us in developing our services to sellers.


The core of Joom’s business is concentrated in Europe with 48% of GMV generated there. Together with European connectors – Shopping Feed, Lengow and ChannelAdvisor – we onboard new merchants quickly and with no fuss. Joom Logistics assures one of the most reliable and cost-effective deliveries worldwide. Thus, more and more new destinations are available for Joom’s merchants to boost their growth internationally. 

Value for merchants: convenience, transparency and the best possible logistics service

Joom is a simple and convenient platform for selling goods abroad. It helps enter the global market and gain loyal clients internationally, while making merchants’ lives much easier. 


We take charge of translations and communication with customers. We help with promotion by providing sellers with advertising tools, integrating into promotions and thematic selections and by offering an access to the huge community of loyal bloggers. All of this is free.


A recently introduced “top store” status available to the most active brands, gives extra exposure and lots of tools for development: live streams, product videos and special promotions. 


Joom also offers a transparent analytics tool giving access to key metrics dynamics and full data on each product performance details to find insights on conversions and traffic trends.   


Finally, Joom liberates its merchants from a major concern - logistics. Joom Logistics has established itself in the market as a pioneer in delivery management thanks to ML and other AI technologies. It’s both a guarantee of reliable delivery for our customers and a set of simple rules for our sellers regulating the modalities of transferring the goods to fulfillment. JL has its own sorting and distribution centers in China, Korea, Turkey and Europe, has a package consolidation service, and delivers orders to almost 200 countries.


Promotions & Birthday sale


Since March 2020, we've made more than 400 sales and held 4 huge Sale events. Thanks to our key mechanics – coupons, pushes, selections and promotions – and cross-marketing support, regular sales boosted daily GMV to up to 20% growth compared to an ordinary day. 


And now - can’t believe it! - Joom is almost five! Our birthday promo will take our sales a step further. Aiming to achieve a 40% GMV growth compared to a regular day, Joom will introduce new mechanics designed for the event. Having started with a presale for loyal customers, Joom will

continue with numerous activities and surprises from its bloggers and local communities in social media from June 1st to 5th. For the first time, we’ll offer extra discounts of 5-15% to the merchants’ ones and lovely gifts to accompany purchases. Joom will also use new mechanics as, for example, fortune wheel to bring even more fun and joy to the shopping experience. The event will be supported with online video campaign in 10 languages in 12 countries. In a word, it’s going to be legendary.


We are just 5 and have lots of ambitions and great initiatives to come. If you want to discover more details on our recent achievements and what we have in the pipeline, check the Joom In 2021 video. We’ll be happy to have you on board. To join, go here and enjoy our future promotions.